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Makezu is a smart AI-powered engine for prospecting and activating leads on Twitter. Makezu captures your potential customers as soon as they express a need related to your products and services and automatically sends them a personalized message.

Convert social leads at the right time with Makezu

- 68% of the population dislike online advertising.

- 63% of the population uses ad blockers.

- 64% of those questioned expect advertising that is both more relevant and more creative.

Makezu's technology allows to automatically send personalized advertising messages to the most relevant prospects at the right time. For this, the Makezu engine is able to search millions of publications on Twitter in record time and extract valuable information on the needs expressed.

After registering and linking their Twitter account to Makezu, users can create an advertising campaign by describing the product or service they sell using keywords or by selecting a major life event linked to the campaign (such as wedding for instance). They then write an activation message that they wish to send to their potential customers and Makezu determines the most opportune time to send it. Makezu also provides users with analyzes of the number of messages sent, the number of clicks obtained and the number of social profiles reached.

Cube's action

Cube supported the founders of Makezu in the realization of the platform in January 2020. Having the will to quickly validate the concept with a panel of beta-testers, the founding team wanted to develop the Minimum Viable Product in record time. Makezu trusted Cube to make the project a reality. We developed the beta platform in just 6 weeks, allowing the team to launch its first test campaign. We also connected an intelligent NLP algorithm to the Makezu platform to improve the accuracy of the advertising targeting engine. Cube always works alongside the team in the evolution of the product and the user experience.

Sharies: Customer Experience Automation in 5 weeks

Sharies reinvents the housing experience through unique living spaces fully furnished and equipped.

Shake the codes of housing, and the way of living in the city

Founded in 2017, Sharies is a pioneer player in co-living in France. Sharies carries the firm ambition to respond to ever greater difficulties in finding a home, a growing problem of social loneliness. Based in Paris, the start-up Sharies develops throughout the country a concept of urban residence that offers both individual and shared housing, large common living spaces enriched by many services, complemented by a catering offer and workspaces, open to the neighbourhood. Sharies designs, operates and animates innovative living spaces for different profiles: students, young workers, people in transition, digital nomads...

Cube's action

Eager to offer a 100% digital experience, simple and accessible to its customers, Sharies has approached Cube to develop its centralized management platform to allow people to reach Sharies' living spaces and community. In 5 weeks, Cube developed the Sharies client registration portal as well as the back-office platform which automates the entire processing and management of applications. A premium platform that reflects the values ​​and the spirit of the Sharies community.

VEFA ONLINE: MVP Launched in 5 weeks

VEFA Online is a connection platform dedicated to block sales of housing and a new development tool for property developers, social landlords and institutional investors.

Accelerate block sales of housing for real estate professionals

By significant use of traditional mailing and phone channels, but also by long and costly processes, block sales of housing are facing many structural difficulties. The direct consequence is a negative impact on the volume and prices of transactions.

To solve these issues, the VEFA ONLINE project aimed to digitize the sale of block housing. To do this, VEFA ONLINE promotes direct matching between supply and demand, harmonizes the sales process and reduces the time taken to process files.

Cube's action

Cube supported the founder of VEFA ONLINE in the development of its intermediation platform for real estate professionals to demonstrate the potential market of the project and win the first sales. The entire application and process have been digitized in 5 weeks, allowing the founder to finalize her first commercial contracts shortly after app launch.

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