Launch: 2019

How to Modernize Collaboration Between Real Estate Developers and Institutional Buyers?


Modernize the Block Sales Market

Block sales represent about 20% of the new homes sold each year. Little known to the general public, this market is nevertheless essential to the production of housing because it mainly concerns housing in high demand (social housing, intermediate housing, student or senior residences) and it secures, for professionals, a large part of real estate development operations.

In 2020, 100% of transactions between property developers and institutional investors were still be initiated by telephone or e-mail. 

VEFA Online is the first BtoB marketplace that offers a single interface that allows real estate developers to quickly consult investors referenced by territory and product categories.

Product Strategy

We imagined a simple, modern and efficient user experience workflow to help real estate developers and institutional buyers save time and efficiency in setting up operations.

Flow and Design

Developers: Describe your program and discover the available institutional buyers

In just a few clicks, send your block sale file to the institutional buyers of your choice.

Investors: Facilitate your sourcing of VEFA opportunities

Simply set up your investment criterias and receive sales files in line with your development strategy.

Meet Margaux

Founder of VEFA Online

I needed to develop VEFA ONLINE's MVP fast. Cube made it happen with high quality standards, plus, we shared the same spirit: test and iterate with customers as soon as you can! That what we did and it worked! I highly recommend the team and their work to develop new products with low code technologies.

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