Launch: 2019

How to Automate a Premium
Customer Onboarding Experience?


Shake the codes of housing

Founded in 2017, Sharies is a pioneer player in co-living in France. Sharies carries the firm ambition to respond to ever greater difficulties in finding a home, a growing problem of social loneliness.

Based in Paris, Sharies develops throughout the country a concept of urban residence that offers both individual and shared housing, large common living spaces enriched by many services , complemented by a catering offer and workspaces, open to the neighbourhood.

Sharies designs, operates and animates innovative living spaces for different profiles: students, young workers, people in transition, digital nomads...

Product Strategy

Eager to offer a 100% digital experience, simple and accessible to its customers, Sharies has approached Cube to develop its centralized management platform and allow people to reach Sharies' living spaces and community. Our team imagined the Sharies onboarding experience as well as the back-office platform which automates the entire processing and management of applications. We designed a premium platform that reflected the values ​​and the spirit of the Sharies community.

Flow and Design

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Meet Géraud

Head of Digital at Sharies

The smart-code technology, combined with Cube’s strong expertise enabled Sharies to quickly launch a full-features platform for its customized user-onboarding. Moreover, as a first product, this technology gives Sharies team a high maneuverability and efficiency in the iteration process. It is a real gain of time and money.