Launch: 2021
Really Really Want

Reinventing dating apps
- Matching with the same intentions


The only dating app where you can't lie

On a traditional dating app, it is difficult to know what users are really looking for.

Really Really Want (RRW) is an innovative dating app for people with similar expectations and interests. Unlike other dating apps, users' intentions are not disclosed at first.

On RRW, intentions work as filters and are private. Thus, users can only be matched with those who have chosen the same filters.

When a match occurs, the common intentions are revealed.

A new experience of dating

The Really Really Want concept offers a differentiated experience and value proposition compared to traditional dating applications.

On RRW, users can only match with those who have chosen the same interests and intentions. Limited to 2 filters, the list of intentions is designed in such a way that users cannot lie about their true dating intentions.

These aspects of transparency and trust at the heart of the project are reflected in the experience of the application.

An onboarding guides the users throughout the creation of the profile in order to immerse them in the RRW universe.

A technical challenge: create a premium experience in record time

The Cube team has been mobilized to develop a smooth Progressive Web App (PWA) with the Low-Code technology Bubble .

From the creation of a custom swipe to the elaboration of a specific algorithm with double matching logic, it was necessary to think of a No-Code + Code architecture guaranteeing the best possible user experience.

Result: a complete application developed in only 6 weeks which illustrates all the advantages of the Low-Code approach to optimize the time-to-market of new products.

Découvrez Bertrand

Directeur du Développement chez Akagreen

J'avais besoin de développer rapidement le MVP de VEFA ONLINE. Cube l'a réalisé avec des normes de qualité élevées, et nous avons partagé le même esprit : tester et itérer avec les clients dès que possible ! C'est ce que nous avons fait et ça a marché ! Je recommande vivement l'équipe et son travail pour développer de nouveaux produits avec des technologies low-code.

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