Launch: 2020
International Tennis Federation

How to optimize the data collection process worldwide?


Towards the need of a centralized dashboard

The Junior Tennis Initiative (“JTI”) has been created by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and is the national 14-and-under junior development program. It is a key part of the National Association’s player development pathway.

All activities delivered support the attainment to achieve two objectives within the strategy:

Increase participation in tennis worldwide for all ages, genders, playing standard and physical abilities ;
Develop talented players, particularly those from nations that are both under-resourced and under-represented.

The initial data collection process involved a huge amount of manual work done by the ITF teams. Indeed, it was basically made through traditional spreadsheets and email exchanges.

Product Strategy

ITF was looking for a way to digitize and modernize their process in order to make it easier and more reliable.

Our team wanted to define the most important aspects in order to remain focused on an MVP version. That way, the product team needed to go further than just duplicating the excel spreadsheet into a digital platform. In order to be efficient, we had to improve the processes and take a different approach. Deliverers would now enter their session data through a digital form. Therefore, the time-consuming task which was for the National Coordinators to enter all data in a spreadsheet would now be greatly optimized.

Also, we quickly understood that the JTI product would rely on two pillars:

Feeding the platform with data in a smooth and simple way ;
Displaying those data efficiently in a dedicated and centralized dashboard.

Flow and Design

To turn this platform into an internal success at JTI, we had to think of the easiest way to provide reliable data which would be then displayed to the Global Admins, Development Officers and National Coordinators. We built a central dashboard allowing them to monitor the five most important KPIs previously defined and to compare countries in terms of operational performance.

The risk of this project was lying in the fact that we were handling an important amount of data and that we had to make decisions about the ones that mattered the most. This was an important step to make sure that we were building a platform with a sleek and clean design.

Several workshops were set to create a design that would follow the JTI guidelines as well as their will to build a welcoming and pleasant platform. The moodboard workshop is a great example of a critical step that helped us in building the branding of the JTI platform.

Meet Timothy

Participation Project Leader at ITF

The platform is very impressive and in general is an unbelievable achievement. We are very impressed and within the time duration to date.

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