Launch: 2021

Experiment a new innovative offer for companies


Green aKademy, the green assistant application for modern companies

Akagreen is a B Corp certified company that offers companies a long-term plant rental service. Akagreen's Green Hands, experts in the greening of indoor and outdoor spaces, assist many clients in the realization of their office landscaping projects with plants.

In order to offer new and innovative services to its clients, Akagreen trusted Cube to create Green aKademy, a collaborative green assistant application on smartphone to help company employees to easily and remotely maintain their plants with the help of Akagreen's Green Hands.

Product Strategy

To maximize user adoption and encourage employees to regularly maintain their company's plants (pruning, watering, cleaning), Cube worked alongside Akagreen's teams to create the easiest and most intuitive experience possible, and gamification features were implemented in the application to encourage long-term user retention.

For example, badges reward the user when they perform maintenance actions with the application, and maintenance rounds are organized to motivate employees to observe and treat the plant park with the help of Akagreen's Green Hands, which provide specific instructions for the company's plants.

Design and Experience

A Green experience faithful to the company's values

The Moodboard workshop is a strategic step to find relevant inspirations while keeping the DNA of the project and the strong values of the company. Result: a Green and Vegetal design to improve the daily well-being of thousands of employees.

Découvrez Bertrand

Directeur du Développement chez Akagreen

J'avais besoin de développer rapidement le MVP de VEFA ONLINE. Cube l'a réalisé avec des normes de qualité élevées, et nous avons partagé le même esprit : tester et itérer avec les clients dès que possible ! C'est ce que nous avons fait et ça a marché ! Je recommande vivement l'équipe et son travail pour développer de nouveaux produits avec des technologies low-code.

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