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SwissBorg DAO

Build a Decentralized Autonomous Organization App (DAO) for a major crypto company.

Progressive Web App - Collaborative - DAO

Via ID Norauto

Online recharging solutions comparator for electric and hybrid vehicles owners.

Web App - Onboarding - Comparator

JTI Tracker - International Tennis Federation

Worldwide data collection platform.

Web App - Dashboard - Businesses


Green Assistant mobile app to help customers in maintaining their plant fleet remotely.

Mobile - QR - Collaborative


The first French-speaking online media in the United States.

Directory - Events - Responsive -APIs


Platform for creating and organizing virtual and physical events.

Web App - Marketplace


AI-based intelligent prospecting and activation engine that enables more conversions and sales.

Web App - Dashboard - R&D


Reinvents the housing experience through unique and fully equipped living spaces.

Web App - Onboarding - APIs

Vefa Online

Facilitates contact between property developers and social landlords prior to their transactions.

Web App - Marketplace


Thanks to its unique matching process, Really Really Want is the first (and only) dating app on which people can’t lie about what they are looking for.

Progressive Web App - Algorithm - Matching


Collaborative childcare application between parents.

Mobile - Platform - APIs

Twins Industry

Industrial rating dashboard that supports companies in their growth and helps them improve their competitiveness in the face of global competition.

Dashboard - Industry - Map


5 minute series to read on smartphones: the Netflix of reading.

Web App - Mobile First


Making energy decisions should be as easy as booking an AirBnB.

Dashboard - Algorithms - APIs


Helps companies improve the collaborative work experience and outsource flexible real estate.

Web App - Mobile First


Connected directory of local sports to propose the best physical activities around you.

APIs - Dashboard - Optimization


Complete valuation tool for start-ups and custom reporting for investors.

Web App - Dashboard - Data

MyBeauty Advisor

Reinvents online cosmetic consulting by offering personalized support on a wide range of products.

Mobile - Algorithms - Ecommerce


SaaS platform that allows suppliers and resellers to work together under the best conditions.

Web App - APIs - R&D

Cube Editor

The smart specifications editor and project management tool of Cube.

Web App - Onboarding - Dashboard


Office management made quick and easy.

Web App - Onboarding - Dashboard