NoCode has revolutionized the way to launch web applications.

We make use of its full potential.

We maximize speed, experimentation and iteration thanks to the NoCode approach.

Since 2019, we've been helping companies of all sizes launch their software projects in record time.

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Discovery stage
2 weeks - We scope and think an optimal product strategy for your product launch.
V1 Vision

We together define the vision of the first product in accordance to your business context.

Customer Journey

We build the high level user flows and identify the hot spots.

Technical Investigation

Our tech team investigate and validate the technical environment of the project.

Product Roadmap and User Stories

We plan a coherent roadmap and write the initial user stories.

Start stage
2 to 3 months - We launch the first version of your product.
User experience and UX Wireframes

Our team defines the user flows of your future application. This step is essential in order to immerse ourselves in the world of your project and understand all the ins and outs.

Our team creates an optimal user experience to meet the challenges and needs of users.

Through a series of UX co-creation workshops, this phase leads to the creation of low-fidelity mock-ups of your product translating a simple, intuitive and coherent experience.

Moodboard and UI guidelines

Your users expect a remarkable and unique experience from your product. Through an inspiration workshop, our design team will work with you to identify the soul and atmosphere of your application.

High fidelity mock-ups

Based on the inspirations and the wireframes, we create high-fidelity mock-ups of all the views of the application, which will mirror the future developments.

Dynamic Figma protoype

In order to immerse you in your application in the most beautiful way, we create a dynamic prototype from the high-fidelity models. You can experience your product even before the development phase and start communicating about the project.

User stories

In order to finalize the design file, we rigorously write the user stories of the application allowing the development team to take control of the technical implementation of the project without interpretation.

NoCode development

Our experienced Bubble NoCode developers build and test your premium and optimized application based on the validated design file.

Testing and debugging

Prior to the production roll-out, our team tests and ensures that the product complies with the specifications. 

You also have access to the application during this period to validate the deliverable.

Closing, roll-out and launch

During the closing meeting, we are happy to securely and easily deploy your application on the world’s most powerful cloud: Amazon AWS.

We also transfer the intellectual property and the application to a dedicated space for your project.

Scale stage
Custom from 6 to 24 months - Our experts work alongside your team on a part-time basis to iterate the product and boost the growth of your project.
NoCode Product Owner

Make the product evolve and manage the product backlog.
Part-time or full-time support

UX/UI Product Designer

Improve the experience to best meet users' needs.
Part-time or full-time support

Bubble Developer

Implement new features and optimize your application.Part-time or full-time support

Webflow Designer

Design a high-end showcase website to support the launch of your app.
Fixed-price service

Growth Expert

Identify growth drivers and generate traction.
Fixed-price service

Brand Designer

Create a remarkable and impactful identity for your project.
Fixed-price service

WHY cube ?
Our core business

We accompany clients of any size in the launch or the
modernization of high-value added digital products.

A unique offer
We support your project, from launch to scaling

We develop an optimal product strategy for launch during a 2-week co-creation sprint.


We launch a first robust version of your first product so that you can reach your goals in 2 to 3 months.


Our experts work alongside you team on a time-sharing basis over 6 to 24 months to iterate the product and boost the growth of your project.

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Through a discovery workshop, we identify the problematic that you want to resolve and we design a first draft of your product.

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